I Like Who I Am When I`m With You / Change For Good – Apr 2017

Split single with The First World Pros, featuring cover versions of each song by both acts. To raise money for Canadian and English trans organisations, respectively ASTT(e)Q and cliniQ.

In the Golden Days of Lost Toys Records – Dec 2014

Lost Toys Records comp featuring Johnny Parry, Andy Holden, The Grubby Mitts, “I am a Swift“ and “The Gin, The Gin, The Gin“

Yonic Totem – May 2010

Featuring “Yonic Totem“- in turn featuring Chloe Harries on vocals, “Licky Place“ and “The Gin, The Gin, The Gin“. CD version features cover of Scott Walker`s “The Seventh Seal“.

Ricky Leach Doesn`t Like You – Feb 2008

Featuring “What is This Music Doing to my Body“, “Life is Just a Series of Hopeless Disappointments“ and “The Digital Future is in Your Hands“