New single, ASTTeQ / cliniQ bigger upper

Hi pals,

I hope you`re all doing good. Just wanted to let you know that to raise some cash and signal for a couple of organisations here in Montreal and there in London. Split mutual cover version single of `I Like Who I Am When I`m With You/Changed for Good` with the First World Pros is out now! Buy it to give money to two super trans projects and to hear our music whenever you want.
You can find out more about ASTTeQ and cliniQ by following the link to the release,
…but to summarise, ASTTeQ is a trans support service / advocacy project here, an incredible resource that`s been going for ages and is facing massive funding cuts. CliniQ is a similar service in England centered around sexual health for trans* people funded by the National Health Service (also in a massive cuts situation as many of you will know).
I am no media socialite so please feel free to share all you fancy wherever you fancy if you fancy,
and also, if you think all this music is a load of old pants, feel free contribute to and spread the word about the causes on their own!

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